Social Work

Falling ill, becoming injured or the birth of a child, for example, bring changes to everyday life. The new situation may create problems in living conditions, coping at home, livelihood, work and studies or raise questions that need to be considered.

In such situations, you can receive support from a social worker who can discuss with you about your own or your family member's or family's situation, as well as receive individual counselling and guidance.

The social worker:

  • participates in the planning and implementation of treatment and rehabilitation
  • provides information on social security benefits, such as sickness allowance, travel and medication reimbursements, pensions and disability benefits
  • gives guidance on family and social services, such as disability services, income support, addiction services, home services, child welfare, caregiver support
  • provides support in crisis situations
  • participates together with the patient, family members and staff in the organisation of services that support the patient's coping
  • helps to assess disability and rehabilitation options
  • advises in matters related to patient rights
  • works in collaboration with the patient's family members, authorities and associations.

The services of a social worker are free of charge to clients. The hospital staff will guide the patient to social worker services in their unit when necessary, or the patient or family member may contact a social worker directly.

Person in charge

Chief social worker Anni Vanhala