At Tays, surgeries are performed in nearly all specialties. Most surgeries are performed in gynaecology, otorhinolaryngology, neurosurgery, gastroenterology and musculoskeletal diseases.

In addition to the Central Hospital, Tays has surgical operations at Tays Hatanpää and Tays Valkeakoski Hospitals. The most demanding and emergency surgery is centered on the Tays Central Hospital. Tays Hatanpää has elective surgery with inpatient care, short-term surgery and day surgery. Tays Valkeakoski is doing mostly day-surgery.

Tays Sastamala does not have surgery requiring general anesthesia, but they are doing operations in local anesthesia.

Patients come via referrals from other hospitals, health centres or private practices, as well as other units in our hospitals.

The need for post-operative hospital treatment depends on the procedure. After day surgery procedures, patients are discharged on the same day, and after short stay surgical procedures, patients are mainly discharged on the following day. After large and difficult surgeries, there may be need for several days of hospital treatment.

After surgery, the recovery period continues for up to several weeks at home. It is recommended to avoid heavy strain during recovery and to rest, eat nutritious food and take up light exercise, such as walking, depending on strength and the situation.

When patients are discharged, they receive appropriate home care instructions and information about whom to contact if problems occur at home.