Day surgery and short stay surgery

Most surgical procedures can be performed in the framework of day surgery and short stay surgery. This has been made possible by the advancement of surgical and anaesthesiological methods. From the patient’s perspective, the benefits of day surgery and short stay surgery include a short period of hospitalisation.

Patients coming for day surgery arrive at the hospital in the morning and can go home after the observation period on the same day, no more than 12 hours after coming to the hospital. Day surgery procedures can be performed under general or local anaesthesia.

Tays offers day surgery procedures in the following specialty fields, among others:

Day surgery requires careful planning. The patient needs to prepare for surgery independently at home. The patient receives a preliminary information form with the hospital appointment letter. This form needs to be completed and sent to the hospital by post. The patient will also receive instructions about preparing for the procedure he/she is about to have (laboratory tests, medication, fasting and washing).

Day surgery may be considered if the operation or procedure is suited for it, the patient’s condition is stable and he/she is able to take care of the preparations and post-operative care at home.

A nurse will interview the patient or the parent of a paediatric patient in the hospital. In some cases, we will call the patient before hospital admission to confirm the exact time of arrival and to check that the preparations have been done properly. Usually, the patient will also meet the doctor in the hospital before the procedure.

Once the procedure is over, the patient is transferred to the recovery room. The patient can be discharged once his/her pain is under control and home care instructions have been provided. Patients undergoing day surgery need to have someone accompany them when they are discharged from hospital. An adult must also stay with them until the next day.

Sometimes, due to problems detected during the observation period, a patient undergoing day surgery may be transferred to an inpatient ward to recover for a day or two. In such cases, day surgery becomes short stay surgery, which means that the patient is discharged from hospital 1 to 3 days after the procedure.

At Tays, elective short stay surgery is performed in the same specialty fields as day surgery.