Urological surgery


At Tays, we study and treat urological and male genitalia diseases. Patients with e.g. urination problems, blood in the urine, erectile dysfunction and attacks of pain related to bladder stones can be sent to Tays. We are responsible for the treatment of prostate, kidney and urine bladder cancers.

Diseases and problems treated at Tays include the following, for example:

  • prostate cancer
  • kidney cancer
  • urine bladder cancer
  • testicle and penis cancer
  • benign prostatic diseases, such as hyperplasia and infection
  • functional disorders of the urine bladder and urethra, e.g. urine incontinence
  • erectile dysfunction disorders
  • bladder stones.

Tests and treatments at Tays

One of the most important studies for urology patients is cystoscopy, i.e. an endoscopy of the urethra and urine bladder. We examine the prostate with an ultrasound through the rectum, and biopsies may also be taken during this procedure when cancer is suspected.

In addition, we perform urine flow and residual urine measurements as well as special urodynamic studies when necessary.

Benign prostatic diseases and functional disorders in the lower urinary tract are most often treated with medications, but sometimes also with surgery. We treat prostate cancer by surgery, radiotherapy, medications or a combination of these, working in collaboration with oncologists, who are physicians specialising in cancer treatment. The primary treatment of other urological cancers is surgery.

We treat bladder stones with endoscopies or extracorporeal lithotripsy (destruction of stones from outside the body). We usually treat erectile dysfunctions with medications, but sometimes also with surgery.

Person in charge

Chief Physician Teuvo Tammela