Arterial and Venous Diseases

Vascular Surgery

At Tays, we study and treat disorders of the vascular system in the limbs, neck, subclavian and internal organ artery stenosis and aneurysms of arteries and veins, as well as patients with venous insufficiency. Vascular surgeons participate regularly in the treatment of diabetics.

Patients are usually sent to a vascular surgeon due to arterial circulatory disorder. The circulatory disorder is caused by arteriosclerosis, which makes arteries narrower and causes tissues to suffer from lack of oxygen. Lack of oxygen may be seen in the form of intermittent pain causing the patient to stop while walking, pain during rest, wounds or necrosis.

Our most important patient groups are also patients with an arterial aneurysm or carotid artery aneurysm. Abdominal artery aneurysm is associated with a risk of rupturing, and a carotid artery aneurysm may cause a stroke.

Limb swelling, varicose veins and venous wounds due to venous insufficiency are very common causes for vascular studies and treatments. We are also responsible for vascular surgery that makes hemodialysis possible.

Treatment of vascular diseases at Tays

A vascular surgeon leads the diagnosis of the disease and the planning of treatment, as well as provides support for the patient in obtaining medical information. We utilise interprofessional expertise in diagnostics and procedures of vascular diseases as well as in the treatment of the patient's risk factors and other diseases.

We make treatment decisions based on non-invasive imaging techniques, and we use both surgical and intravascular treatment methods. We choose the treatment method based on clinical and imaging findings and the patient's overall condition.

Cooperation between hospitals and units

In the Pirkanmaa region, the treatment of vascular diseases is allocated to Tays Central Hospital. We treat arterial circulation disorders requiring vascular surgery or intravascular procedures, as well as advanced venous surgeries, at Tays Vascular Surgery and Procedural Radiology Unit.

Procedures for venous insufficiency, i.e., varicose veins, are also performed at Tays Sastamala Hospital. Tays' vascular surgeon is also responsible for guiding the treatment of these patients.

Special expertise at Tays

Our special expertise areas are intravascular treatment of aneurysms, i.e. endografting, as well as other procedures requiring advanced intravascular techniques. Our research activities are mainly focused on clinical issues arising in daily practice. We also participate in international registry studies.

From the beginning of 2019 vascular surgery and procedural radiology at Tays are combined to form an expertise centre. With imaging and all procedural treatments performed in the same facilities, patient treatment is faster and more flexible than before.

Person in charge

Chief Physician Velipekka Suominen