Tampere Centre for Skills Training and Simulation

Beginning in autumn 2016, future physicians, health care students and professionals already working in the field can practice their practical skills together in the Centre for Skills Training and Simulation. Practicing clinical skills in a true-like learning environment is designed to improve patient safety.

Tampere Centre for Skills Training and Simulation includes facilities designed for learning clinical skills as well as simulation rooms. In the skills training facilities the students can work on practical skills like plastering, respiratory and circulatory skills, surgery and paediatrics, gynaecological, oftalmological otological or urological skills.

The simulation rooms mimic real-life hospital wards, emergency rooms, intensive care units, operating rooms and delivery rooms. Learners form multidisciplinary teams that are responsible for providing comprehensive care to the patients. Simulation-based learning is well suited for teaching clinical skills, decision-making, communication and teamwork.

The Centre for Skills Training and Simulation is owned by Pirkanmaa Hospital District, University of Tampere and Tampere University of Applied Sciences. The skill facilities will be developed into a national skill centre for health care education.

Contact information

E-mail: taitokeskus(at)uta.fi

Person in charge

Executive Director Nina Hutri-Kähönen
Terlephone +358 50 318 6288
E-mail is in form: first name.last name(at)tuni.fi

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