Tampere Surgical Education Centre (TSEC)

Due to COVID-19,TSEC can accept only Finnish trainees for now. Foreign trainers and experts can attend a training event when they are crucial for the success of the event. We follow the national guidelines concerning entry to Finland. There are also some other guidelines that depend on the pandemic situation in Pirkanmaa and Finland. Please contact us by sending email in order to receive more up-to-date information.

Tampere Surgical Education Centre provides modern facilities for physicians and nurses to train surgical skills critical for the safety of patients in conditions simulating a real operation theatre. It is the only public centre in the Nordic countries where surgical procedures can be learned by implementing them on cadavers.

The skills trained at the centre are, according to expert evaluations, ones which should be practised on cadavers before implementing procedures on live patients. Procedural teaching also makes it easier to discern surgical anatomy and enables the actual feel of tissue handling, which optimally corresponds to a real surgical situation. We aim to improve surgical skills and patient safety as well as satisfaction of the patients towards the surgical treatment.

TSEC follows high ethical standards in teaching. A cadaver course is always simulating real life set up in theatre with a respectful attitude towards the deceased.

Contact information

Medical Advisor Reita Nyberg
Tel. +358 50 384 7500

The centre is supported by the European Regional Development Fund, the City of Tampere, the University of Tampere and the Coxa Hospital for joint replacement. The centre is part of the operations of Tampere University Hospital.