Additional services

Tampere Surgical Education Centre is located in the heart of Tampere University Hospital Campus. Plenty of other services for arranging a successful training event are available within few hundred meters.

Lecture rooms and auditorium

The Finn-Medi conference and training facilities meet the requirements of even larger groups. The facilities can be easily modified to meet different needs:

  • modern auditorium for 200 persons
  • several lecture rooms for 6–80 persons with different set up video conferencing facilities
  • IT connections with computers/LCD projector/screen/laser pointer/microphones available in all auditoriums and lecture rooms
  • sauna facilities for evening use

The auditorium, lecture rooms and sauna facilities can be reserved from Pikante Services and Restaurants.

Contact information:

Tiia Viitanen, Tel: +358 3 311 69401, email: tiia.viitanen(at)

Eija Nieminen, Tel: +358 3 311 64070, email: eija.nieminen(at)


There are several cafeterias and restaurants available in the buildings nearby. In all, table areas can be arranged in different setups. Private cabinets are also available for 20–30 persons. Also, catering can be ordered to be served on the multi-purpose corridor in TSEC.

Contact information:

Norlandia Tampere Hotel Tel: +358 50 384 4400, email: tampere(at)

Pikante Services and Restaurants, see above.

Accommodation and attractions

The nearest hotel is located to the adjacent building FM6-7 in Biokatu 14. Norlandia Tampere Hotel has got 130 rooms, a restaurant, a sauna, meeting rooms and a café open around the clock. The hotel rooms have a toilet and shower, a small fridge, a TV, a phone, air conditioning and an internet connection. If you arrive by car, you can leave the car in the parking area next to the hotel. Parking outside costs 6.50 € per day, and 12 € per day in the parking hall. You can get a parking permit and instructions from the hotel reception. Booking: tampere(at)

The Tampere downtown is 3 kilometers from Hospital Campus. More information about accommodation, attractions and activities in Tampere is available in VisitTampere website.

Norlandia Tampere Hotel offers adventure packages in collaboration with an adventure company. The experience can include a 2-kilometer walk through the forest to Kaupinoja public sauna next to Näsijärvi lake and swimming in the lake – during winter in the hole in the ice. Or you can take a 3,5-hour tour to the best sightseeing spots in town and taste some delicacies special to Tampere and Finland. Minimum group size is 4 persons, but the adventure can be tailored to meet your needs. Inquiries and reservations: Tel. +358 50 384 4400, email: tampere(at)

Parking and transportation

Information about arriving to and parking in Hospital Campus can be found here The parking is also available in Norlandia Tampere Hotel’s parking lot or hall; see Accommodation and attractions (above).

Due to its location, Tampere is easy to reach from all directions. The capital city, Helsinki, is only 170 km away: a 20 minute flight, one and half hours by train or less than two hours by car. The nearest harbor, Turku, on the west coast of Finland is only two hours away. New and modernized motorways and bypasses make traffic efficient. From TSEC, it takes 25–30 minutes to Tampere-Pirkkala Airport and 15 minutes to the railway station by car. More information about transportation can be found here.