Arranging an event

Health care professionals and students are welcome to practice in Tampere Surgical Education Centre. Medical societies, academies and hospital clinics are able to rent our facility for a training event. Manufacturers of medical equipment, instruments and implants can also arrange training for the use of their products. The product must have a marketing permit. Research and development are not included in our permissions.

TSEC is open from Monday until Friday. The surgical laboratory can be utilized for courses between 8.00 am and 4.00 pm. The reservation can include the whole laboratory (5–8 operation tables) or half of the laboratory (1–4 operation tables).

How to reserve an event

Concerning suitable dates, you can contact our coordinator by email or check our list of events for free dates. The planning of an event starts with filling up the order of services. The desired date, extend and content of the course are inquired there. In order to make a reservation, we need the number of cadavers needed during the event, the planned schedule and information about the procedures during the course, as well as the contact and billing information of the organizer. The filled order form is send to kirurgiankoulutuskeskus(at) You will receive a confirmation, when the reservation is made for you. When a suitable date has been set and reserved, we will make a written agreement about the course according to the given information. A time table for the use of the surgical laboratory should be given to us no later than four weeks before the event.

The content of reservation in TSEC

The reservation includes

  • Surgical laboratory as requested in the reservation
  • Meeting room in TSEC, if requested (must be reserved separately), max 20 persons
  • Basic surgical instrumentation by TSEC and the care of instruments
  • Rest rooms and protective garments
  • Other facilities in TSEC
  • Coordinator’s services
    • Event-associated guidance and instructions
    • Reservations of the auditorium outside the TSEC facility (rents are not included in the fee), assistance in the catering and hotel reservations if needed
  • Services of the associate staff
    • Attendance and assistance during the course
  • Basic care (decontamination wash) of the client’s instrumentation; special needs must be agreed separately. The fee for sterilization of instruments is 10 € + VAT 24 % / container

Cancellations and alterations

A reservation can be cancelled without fees more than 4 weeks before the confirmed event. If the cancellation is made later, a cancellation fee will be charged (see List of fees).

  • A cancellation more than 4 weeks before the event: no cancellation fee
  • A cancellation 2 weeks before the event: 50 % of the rent
  • A cancellation less than 2 weeks before the event: 100 % of the rent

All alterations of the time table should be made no later than 4 weeks before the event. Otherwise, we might not be able to execute them.

Terms and conditions apply to all confirmed courses. An event will be invoiced afterwards according to the given billing information.


The fee for the surgical laboratory depends on the amount of tables and course days. All fees can be found in our List of Facility and Service Fees.

Trainer services are not included in the fee. When the surgical lab is reserved for an educational event, the organizer of the event obtains trainers of the course.

The instrumentation in TSEC is suitable for general surgery as well as orthopedics. The fee does not include any special instrumentation. A client is allowed to bring his own instrumentation along. The basic maintenance (decontamination) is included in the fee, but special requirements (for example, sterilization) are agreed and invoiced separately.

The catering or use of other facilities outside the TSEC (for example, auditoria) is not included in the service fee. If there is a need for preparation of certificates, flyers or nameplates, the work and materials are invoiced separately.

List of Facility and Service Fees

Surgical Laboratory 210 m²

  • 5–8 tables (cadavers)

9800 euros + VAT 24 % per day

Surgical Laboratory 210 m²

  • no cadavers

3500 euros + VAT 24 % per day

Half of the surgical laboratory 105 m²

  • 1–4 tables (cadavers)
  • max 16 trainees

6700 euros + VAT 24 % per day

Series reservation

  • in all 4 tables (cadavers); 1 – 2 tables from the series can be used  at the same session
  • from Monday to Wednesday
  • other training can be held in the wet lab at the same time

7 000 + VAT / series

Coordinator’s special services

  • preparation of certificates or flyers, reception of registrations etc.

  • nameplates

49 euros + VAT 24 % per hour

3,30 euros + VAT 24 % per unit

If cadavers are used before medicolegal autopsy, there is a charge of 190€ + VAT 24 % / cadaver for extra work.

Special considerations

Notice that all instruments, which are used on live patients after cadaver training, must be sterilized before they leave our hospital.

If C-arm is needed during the training event, the organizer of the course is obligated to inform faculty and course participants of the instructions of the safe radiation use in TSEC. During a training course, representatives and course faculty should supervise that radiation protection is implemented. Course participants or faculty taking fluoroscopic images should wear the dosimeter of the C-arm.