6th International Tampere Plastic Surgery Flap Dissection Course

”The versatility of the work-horses– hands on cadaver dissection course”

Course includes both lectures by experienced specialists and dissection with fresh cadavers in an operating room setting.


November 30 - December 2, 2022


Lectures: FM5 Building, Biokatu 14, Tampere
Hands-on training: Tampere Surgical Education Centre, Biokatu 16, Tampere

Course director

Professor Hannu Kuokkanen

Course faculty

Professor. Yves Harder, Ospedale Regionale di Lugano, Switzerland
Ian Barner-Rasmussen, Helsinki University Central Hospital
Ilkka Kaartinen, Tampere University Hospital
Minna Kelloniemi, Tampere University Hospital
Juha Kiiski, Tampere University Hospital
Marika Kuuskeri, Tampere University Hospital
Andrew Lindford, Helsinki University Central Hospital
Marja Majava, Tampere University Hospital
Johanna Palve, Tampere University Hospital

Additional lecturers

Sanna Vlasa, Tampere University Hospital
Jarkko Jokihaara, Tampere University Hospital


Wednesday 30.11.2022 (Hands-on track, Observational track)

08.30-08.50Registration and coffee

08.50-11.00 Lectures

  • Opening words and course overview, prof. Kuokkanen
  • Anesthesia for free flap surgery, Vlasa
  • Head and Neck:
  • Maxilla and mandibula reconstruction, Barner-Rasmussen
  • Tongue, floor of the mouth and larynx, Kelloniemi
  • Nasal, forehead and ear reconstruction, Lindford
  • Discussion

11.00-12.00 Lunch at Restaurant Ellipsi (FM5) and exhibition

12.00-13.45 Lectures continue

  • Trunk
  • Microvascular Breast reconstruction, Majava
  • Breast Cancer Related Lymphedema Treatment: Current state of the art, Harder
  • Pelvic floor and genitourinary tract reconstruction, Kaartinen
  • Hand and forearm pedicled and local flaps, Jokihaara

13.45-14.15 Coffee and exhibition

14.15-15.30 Lectures continue

  • Lower extremity:
  • Reconstruction after tumour resection and arhtroplasty complications, Kuokkanen
  • Open fracture: debridement and reconstruction, Kiiski
  • Free Flap monitoring, Kääriäinen
  • Discussion

19.00- Get Together at Norlandia Tampere Hotel lobby

Thursday 1.12.2022 (Hands-on track, Observational track)

08.00-12.00  Cadaveric dissections at TSEC / Session 1

  • The participants will be dissecting Latissimus dorsi, TDAP, LICAP, scapular/parascapular, serrate fascia/muscle, trapezius muscle, SGAP and LAP flaps.

12.00-13.00 Lunch at Norlandia Tampere Hotel

13.00-16.00  Cadaveric dissections at TSEC / Session 2

  • The participants will be dissecting Supraclavicular, DIEP / ms-TRAM, SIAE, lymph node transfer with groin / SIEA / SCIP flap. Also, the participants will get to practice the exposure of internal mammary vessels for microvascular anastomosis with/without cartilage removal.

19.00- Course Dinner (for Hands-on track only)

Friday 2.12.2022 (Hands-on track)

08.00-12.00  Cadaveric dissections at TSEC / Session 3

  • The participants will be dissecting ALT, TFL, Vastus lateralis, gracilis muscle / TMG flaps. The participants also get to practice Medial Condyle/trochlea flap, rectus femoris and Sartorius flaps.

12.00-13.00 Lunch at Norlandia Tampere Hotel

13.00-15.30 Cadaveric dissection at TSEC / Session 4

  • The participants will be dissecting fibula flaps with/without muscle and skin. Also, the participants will get to practice the most common exposures of the lower extremity for microvascular anastomosis and dissecting propeller flaps.

15.30 Farewell and closing remarks