Tampere Surgical Education Centre is designed specially to offer safe, controlled surroundings simulating a modern operating theatre, where education for professionals of various surgical specialties as well as anatomical dissections for medical students can be arranged. Our facilities are located on the hospital campus in a new O building, opened in October 2013.

TSEC offers a modern 210 m2 surgical laboratory with eight powered, mobile surgical tables that can be divided into two 100 m2 operation theatres with four tables. The surgical laboratory is air conditioned and well-lighted with its windows giving towards the main hospital building. There are two HD-displays and an operation lamp over each table, with extra lights also available. The displays are applicable for different endoscopic equipment from various manufacturers. Two HD-camcorders can be installed over operation tables, enabling a demonstration of surgical procedures for a large amount of participants. The live picture can also be transmitted to all auditoria on the hospital campus, combining hands-on and theoretical training.

We offer instrumentation suitable for many basic procedures and endoscopies. In addition, the organizers of the training events are allowed to bring their own equipment, implants and instruments to TSEC. There are plenty of movable instrument tables. The use of X-ray imaging is possible during an event. The walls of the surgical laboratory are lead-shielded and we provide a C-arm and radiation protection garments. Pressurized air is not available in the surgical lab.

  • Instrumenttipöytiä riittää isonkin koulutuksen tarpeisiin There are plenty of instrument tables for a large amount of instrumentation.
  • Aidot sähköisesti säädettävät leikkaustasot Genuine mobile surgical tables
  • Opetussalin välineistöä Equipment in the surgical laboratory

External instrumentation

Organizers of the training events are allowed to bring their own surgical instruments to TSEC. After training, the instrumentation is sent to the centralized sterilization and disinfection unit in D Building for decontamination wash. After decontamination, the instrumentation is ready for packing in three working days, at the earliest. The decontamination process up to five containers / reserved station is included to our fee.

All instruments that are used on live patients after cadaver training must be sterilized before they leave our hospital. Sterilization and other special need are separately agreed on and invoiced according by the actual costs.

The organizer is responsible for arranging the transportation, sorting and disassembling of his external instrumentation before and after the training event and for packing it for transportation.

The delivery and collection address for external instrumentation is Biokatu 16, 33520 Tampere, Finland. Large deliveries can be accepted on weekdays during 8-10 AM and 2:30-4 PM. Small deliveries can also be accepted during 10 AM - 2:30 PM. All deliveries and pick-ups must be agreed with the coordinators. The contact numbers in relation to the deliveries are +358 50 406 9171 and +358 50 362 8977.