Published 2018-07-03

International group of residents at Tampere Surgical Education Centre

80 orthopedic and traumatology residents from almost fifteen countries are partaking in a course at Tampere Surgical Education Centre (TSEC). The programme includes theory, case studies and hands-on training. Tampere University Hospital offers a unique learning environment – TSEC is the only public centre in the Nordic countries where surgical procedures can be learned by implementing them on fresh cadavers.

Zimmer Biomet education at TSEC

Young residents are gathering to Tampere to study orthopedic procedures. Zimmer Biomet Institute EMEA organizes training programmes for residents and professionals internationally. Because of their previous good experiences at TSEC, they chose to bring this group here.

We have recognized that we could have contributed to young surgeons education by training practical skills, and that´s why we are offering them this course. Investing to young surgeons is investing for the future, says Vice President Nairi Berberjan from Zimmer Biomet Institute.

Residents orientate themselves  to daily themes through didactic, interactive case-study session and hands-on training in wet labs, Nairi describes.

The course in Tampere is a part of a wider educational pathway of Zimmer Biomet Institute: before the actual course in Tampere, residents have had an online course, and later, they will participate to a surgeon-to-surgeon visitation programme.

Vice President Nairi Berberjan, Zimmer Biomet Institute hosts two groups at Tampere Surgigal Education Centre

Zimmer Biomet Institute has been extremely satisfied to the facilities at TSEC.

-Besides excellent quality and professionalism, TSEC can offer all the service in a very compact way: meeting room, lecturing hall, cadaver lab, as well as the accommodation and restaurant services are all in hand. It makes it easier for us to keep our tight schedule, Nairi enjoys.

-In an in international group, it is also important what residents learn from each other, and the groups have provided us an outstanding feedback on the course, Nairi says.

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Text Paula Pasanen
Photos Mira Perämäki