As a university hospital, Tays’s tasks include providing excellent care as well as training and research. Our hospitals function as the essential educational environments for social and health care students. Students from other areas of study also have the possibility to perform their practical training in our units and hospitals.

Each year, approximately 3,000 health care students and 300 medical students, among others, perform practical training at our hospitals. Due to exchange programmes, some of the trainees are foreign students.

All our units and hospitals have excellent conditions for versatile and broad studies and training.

Studies at our hospitals consist of goal-oriented and guided participation in practical work. Learning takes place in interaction between the staff, patients and students. Quality guidance guarantees that we will have professional staff in the future, as well.

Participation of patients in teaching situations

Patients as teachers for health care and medical students are an invaluable resource that cannot be replaced by any textbook. Without hands-on practice, students cannot become qualified professionals.

When patients arrive at a hospital, they are asked for permission to involve a student in their treatment. In addition, our hospitals organise special teaching situations that are mentioned in the patient's invite.

Participation in teaching is voluntary, and patients can decline from participating. Students are bound by the same secrecy and confidentiality as the whole staff.