4th International Tampere Plastic Surgery Flap Dissection Course

18th-20th April, 2018

”Work horses for plastic surgery reconstruction – hands on fresh cadaver dissection course”

Course venue: Tampere Surgical Education Centre, Tampere University Hospital, Finland
Building O, 2nd floor, Biokatu 16, 33520 Tampere
Course Director: Professor Hannu Kuokkanen

This course is designed for plastic surgery residents as well as more experienced plastic surgeons and covers the most frequently used flaps and their modifications in free flap surgery. The course includes expert lectures and fresh cadaver dissections in the brand new facilities of Tampere Surgical Education Centre. The lectures offer tips and tricks for the most versatile free flaps that cover the majority of reconstructive needs. The dissections are flexibly designed to meet the individual needs of the participants.

The training site, hotel and lecture rooms are all located within a walking distance in Tampere University Hospital Campus. The course also includes a social program with a get-together reception and course dinner.

The participants will have the opportunity to dissect the following flaps & modifications:

  • Latissimus dorsi, scapula, parascapular, TAP, serratus anterior and chimeric modifications of these

  • TRAM, DIEP and SIEA flaps

  • Internal mammary recipient site exposure

  • Microvascular lymph node transfer

  • TFL, ALT, vastus lateralis, rectus Femoris, and modifications of these

  • Gracilis and TMG flap

  • Fibula with or without skin and muscle

  • Recipient site exposures in lower extremity

Tampere University’s Faculty of Medicine and Life Sciences has accepted this course as a post-graduate medical education for specialization in plastic surgery (25 hours), hand surgery (17 hours) and general surgery (15 hours) (decision: UTA18/001).


Course lectures and live surgery session are held on Wednesday April 18th. Hands-on fresh cadaver dissections will be on Thursday and Friday between 8am and 4pm. Four participants per cadaver, experienced table instructors and an operation room setting in Tampere Surgical Education Centre will enable for excellent learning possibilities. The participants should bring their own surgical loupes. The number of participants is limited to 24 to provide enough hands-on time for each participant.

Course Fee

1200 € (including VAT) that covers all materials and instrument (except for surgical loupes), catering and social program. Accommodation is not included in the fee.

The fee is invoiced at the end of February 2018, and it must be paid no later than March 18th 2018. The invoice will be send by mail according to the given billing information. Fill it out carefully.


Norlandia Tampere Hotel is located in the next building, Biokatu 14. For participants the prices are:

  • single room 100 €/night

  • twin room 115 €/night.

    The price includes breakfast, free wi-fi and sauna. Reservations must be made before March 17th 2018. Use the code KK170418. Email: tampere@norlandia.com, tel: +358 50 384 4400.

Feedback from previous course

2nd Tampere Plastic Surgery Course was held in April 2016. Feedback from that course (scale 1-5):

  • Lectures were good and relevant: 4,8
  • The instructors were knowledgeable: 4,7
  • Overall rate of the course: 4,9
  • I would recommend this course for my colleagues or trainees: 5,0

3rd Tampere Plastic Surgery Course was held in April 2017. Feedback from that course (scale 1-5):

  • Lectures were good and relevant: 4,7
  • The instructors were knowledgeable: 4,8
  • Overall rate of the course: 4,9
  • I would recommend this course for my colleagues or trainees: 4,9


Registration is made via this link:


There are few open positions on the Course due to some cancellations. Therefore, time for registration has been extended until March 4th 2018. Free cancellations are no more possible.

Contact information:

Educational content: Dr. Juha Kiiski, juha.kiiski@pshp.fi
Registration, program etc: tsec@pshp.fi