6th International Tampere Plastic Surgery Flap Dissection Course

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak in Finland and Europe, the course is rescheduled for December 8-10, 2021. All persons that have registered to the 2020 course have been contacted about keeping the position on the re-scheduled course. The instructions about COVID-19 situation and arrival in Finland will be updated on September 2021.Tampere Surgical Education Centre reserves the right for alterations.  

”The versatility of the work-horses– hands on cadaver dissection course”

Course Director: Professor Hannu Kuokkanen

This course is designed for plastic surgery residents as well as for more experienced plastic surgeons. It covers the most frequently used flaps and their modifications in free flap surgery. The course includes one day of expert lectures and fresh cadaver dissections in Tampere Surgical Education Centre. The lectures offer tips and tricks for the most versatile free flaps that cover the majority of reconstructive needs. This year, the participants can choose between a Hands-on track and an Observational track.

The participants of the Hands-on track on December 8-10 will have the opportunity to dissect the following flaps & modifications:

  • Latissimus dorsi, scapula, parascapular, TAP, serratus anterior and chimeric modifications of these
  • TRAM, DIEP and SIEA flaps
  • Internal mammary recipient site exposure
  • Microvascular lymph node transfer
  • TFL, ALT, vastus lateralis, rectus Femoris, and modifications of these
  • Gracilis and TMG flap
  • Fibula with or without skin and muscle
  • Recipient site exposures in lower extremity

The participants of the Observational track on December 8-9 will be able to participate to the lecture day, Get Together Party on Wednesday evening and to one day of close observation and assisting in the cadaver dissections on Thursday.

Participation fee

Hands-on track fee is 1.250 € ( incl. VAT 24 %) and includes one lecture day, two hands-on days in the wet lab and a full evening program (Get Together Party, Dinner). Please bring your own loupes.

Observational track fee is 375 € (incl. VAT 24 %) and includes one lecture day, one observational day in the wet lab and Get Together Party on Wednesday evening.

Both fees include lunches, coffees and the protective garments.

After registration, an invoice will be sent to registered participants on September 2021. It must be paid according to the due date. The participation fee is refundable until November 10, 2021, deducted with a processing fee of 30 €. Leaving the fee unpaid is not considered a valid cancellation.


There are 24 positions on the Hands-on track and 12 positions on the Observational track. Primarily the course will be offered to individuals who enrolled the course in 2020.

You can always leave your contact information in here, if you want to be informed about vacant positions on the 2021 course.


Cancellation is possible until November 10, 2021 by contacting us.

Contact information:

Educational content: Dr. Juha Kiiski, juha.kiiski@pshp.fi
Registration, course fees, program, cancellation etc: tsec@pshp.fi

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Feedback from the previous course 2019

Feedback from the 5th Tampere Plastic Surgery Course on April 2019 (scale 1-5):

  • Lectures were good and relevant: 4,1

  • The instructors were knowledgeable: 4,6

  • Overall rate of the course: 4,6

  • I would recommend this course for my colleagues or trainees: 4,7

  • Comments from the participants: “Excellent course!”, “I wish I could participate every year!”, “It was great experience to me. Thanks a lot!”